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DIAMOND Reflective Blue stickers, a.k.a. “Brake checkers”, offer industry-leading retroreflectivity, conspicuity and legibility because of their highly efficient retroreflective optics. They provide the highest luminance values of any reflective material out there, meaning they really are the best on the planet. Thicker than your average sticker, they should be placed on somewhat flatter surfaces like windows, etc, because of their thickness but may work on slightly rounded objects like water bottles (this particular color is great on mailboxes because of their “brake checking” capabilities where car headlights illuminate them closer to the road).  Very durable and long lasting (12-20 years in most cases; sometimes even longer, depending on weathering they receive). Permanent adhesive for strong hold onto most clean surfaces. Dishwasher safe.

Flash on camera is activated in first and third image to show reflective properties.

These are precisely cut by machine.  

Actual thickness of these stickers are .024 inches or .610 mm.  For reference;  a typical plastic credit card is .030 inches or .760 mm thick; so these stickers are slightly thinner than a credit card.  

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